About Jake

Jake Birnberg EA, was graduated with a finance degree from UC Berkeley in 1988. His career has spanned investment banking, retirement planning, wealth management and business banking at firms such as Dean Witter, Shearson Lehman, and Wells Fargo.  As an IRS Enrolled Agent (EA), he is licensed to prepare taxes in all 50 states as well as represent people in front of the IRS.  He builds systems integrating tax and financial planning to minimize taxes over his clients’ lifetimes and maximize their retirement income available for spending.

He speaks and teaches widely on subjects such as

  • Achieving financial freedom and true wealth
  • Retirement planning
  • Wealth Management
  • Reducing or eliminating taxation of social security benefits through integrating tax and financial planning
  • Tax Planning
  • How to Structure a business for maximum tax benefits
  • Using leverage safely to maximize retirement income
  • Reducing and eliminating debt
  • Paying for Long-Term Care, even if its too late to get insurance
  • Estate Planning

He enjoys helping individuals, families and small business owners make their money count by clarifying their goals, working towards achieving them while minimizing taxes maximizing the efficient use of available funds.